Below are the Baskets and Packages for this year’s Ticket Drop Auction.

As in years past, Tickets will be $20.00 for 25 tickets. Since the event is live this year you will have the opportunity to drop and play while at the dinner.

For a printable list that you can use to record the ones you would like to enter chances to win. Click Here to Access the PDF List. (PDF List will be posted shortly)

If you are unable to attend but you still want to participate in the ticket drop, you may use the donate button and select the Ticket drop in the drop down and enter the dollar amount in increments of $ 20.00. We cordially ask that you consider checking the box to add the cost of processing fees. Once you complete the PayPal transaction you will redirected to our contact page. Please complete this form with your information and the breakdown of how you would like your tickets dispersed. If you do not want to us the contact page you may contact us at [email protected] or call 410-251-4793.